If you are already a member of ESHE and just need to change your email address, contact info, or professional/student status, then write us at and we will take care of it for you. Please do not join a second time.

Membership in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out the membership form below.
  • Step 2: Provide the email addresses of two references who can send to a statement such as "I fully support the ESHE membership application of YOUR NAME, who is known to me as an academic professional/student in a relevant field of research". NOTE: We will automatically send an email to your references when you submit the form below. You will receive a copy of this email.
  • Step 3: After pressing the Join button here you will be asked to pay the membership dues.

Once you have applied for membership and paid your dues, you can register for the meetings as a member without waiting to hear back from us.

ESHE professional membership is by subscription and costs 40 euro per year. Student membership is paid each year and costs 20 euro.

Please note that members are not automatically registered for meetings.

In the exceptional circumstance that an application for membership is not accepted, membership fees will be reimbursed.